Another year, another donut.

Are you still here? Am I? I guess so. Well, let’s see, it’s a Sunday afternoon, I just weighed myself at 240.7 lbs. and I am recovering from a 48-hr cold. Waist is 47”.

I have another job now, this one is an hour commute each way, and it is a bit more exercise throughout the day as my previous job, as there are meetings scattered amongst three floors.  There is also a nice walking trail nearby, weather permitting.

I have free membership to a gym near work, but with those commute times I just do not see how it would be worth it, given the current shape I am in. I could rather just go into my backyard and get a great workout doing normal calisthenics. Eventually I would like to do a weight-lifting regime, but at this time I just need to lose weight and get some cardio health.

I still have the breathing problem when I work out – inhaling is fine, exhaling my tubes constrict. I have no idea what that is or why, and apparently neither does the medical establishment. They will just give me pills with loathsome side effects, and I don’t need that.

I dusted off those Lung Exercise videos I downloaded a few years ago, and will begin using those again. I am also going to start a twice-a-day workout regime, and see how long I can maintain that discipline.

My diet has improved greatly as of late: I am now making oatmeal cakes for mid-morning snacks at work, and I have cut the size of my lunches in half, because I got tired of the seeming “insulin shock” afterwards and almost passing out when I ate a big lunch at work.

For dinners I am starting to incorporate more “normalcy,” I guess you could say. Instead of a big bowl of one thing (noodles/potatoes/rice mixed with veggies and a sauce), I am making “side-dishes,” such as spinach or sauerkraut or steamed vegetables. I am also eating more fish and poultry. It is really weird, but my eating habits are so out of whack from when I was growing up. Dinners used to be four or five dishes – a meat or fish, one or two vegetables, bread and butter, and maybe a salad as well – now I just make one dish, throw it all together in a big bowl, and use cheese or a sauce for flavor.

I have not been to my martial arts class in over a year, as travel and money have made it difficult. I also am at a stand-still in my progress, because of my stamina and flexibility – all the things I have written about/worked on in this blog. Where is my progress? There is none. This blog is a study in failure.

What are my goals now? Lose three pounds a week. I would like to get to a good foundation of health, like I had to do for Marine Corps boot camp. I wonder if the standards have changed in the past 24 years? Let me see…Wow, it looks like it is actually more difficult now. I remember the perfect score for sit-ups was 80 sit-ups in under 2 minutes. Now it is 100. Of course, they are called crunches now, so maybe that is why. Crunches you don’t go all the way up.

A perfect score would be the following:


Pull Ups


3-Mile Run





 So, that will be my goal. My weight loss schedule ends in May of next year, with a goal of 165 pounds, so I will have these exercise goals on the same timeline. If I could get down to that weight, and perform these exercises, then I will be able to say with confidence: “I am in shape.”

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Day 6.

Good Friday. And a good workout.

This time I added a small warm-up jog, and started my first intervals slow. I ran even and steady the whole workout, never getting extremely out of breath. I even felt like continuing a couple times when the alarm sounded to stop. I would like to stick with this routine for another week or two.


Weight: 240.7
Waist: 46″

As far as stats go, its my diet. The hardest thing for me, besides stretching, is disciplining my eating. So the weight always comes off last, after months of exercise.

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Lungs and Legs

Friday. Got the day off for Good Friday, so that is nice. I am going to add two things to my workout: lung exercises, and specific stretches for my legs.


I found a great set of videos on the lungs by Donna Wilson, a pulmonary clinical nurse specialist. Even though her exercises are made for patients with extensive lung damage and severe respiratory problems, I think they are nonetheless useful for the everyday person. Breathing seems to be one of the most neglected aspects of health. We just kind of take it for granted, like our heartbeats, that we breathe correctly. I don’t know anyone who can control their heartbeat, but we can control our breathing. And when people reach adulthood, they have decades behind them of habits and mental attitudes that can affect their breathing. Stress, anger, depression – all these can change the way we breathe, without us even noticing. And after several months or years of shallow or rapid or any kind of abnormal breathing, our entire health is affected. So, given that, I am going to start doing some of these lung exercises on a daily basis.

Yoga has an entire science on the breath. I have done Yoga breathing exercises before, but I choose these exercises because these are more practical for me right now. I do know a few breath asanas which I have done over the years, but they target the nervous system, and these lung exercises are geared more for the musculo-skeletal system. Just a couple of years ago I wanted to start practicing Pranayama, which is the actual yoga of breathing, but my yoga teacher said it just don’t work if you cannot sit in the full lotus: it’s really not happening unless the body is aligned correctly.

One thing I found fascinating is that one of her exercises (called “Core,” at 7:33 of the above video) is exactly like a section of a Chinese Qi Kung routine (see 4:25 of Shaolin Yi Jin Jing Muscle & Tendon Changing Classic ). This just reinforces my theory that humans have pretty much already figured out how to take care of the body, be healthy, and exercise. We already know what to do, humans have for centuries, with different cultures expressing it in different ways. We just forget, or we become lazy, or we re-invent. There is only one human body and we have inhabited it for millenia. You think we would have picked up a thing or two along the way…


On stretching, I am just going to stick with two or three very basic stretches, and do them twice a day, every day.

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Day 5.

Wednesday. Just a short two-block jog before my martial arts workout. The jog was still hard, took one walking break, then picked up again. Had a hard time breathing.

The martial arts class focused on legs, but it was more of a coordination thing than a heavy workout. It was an hour long. The next day I felt it – from my ankles to my thighs. So I did get a good workout after all.

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Day 4.

Monday. Tired, had rice for lunch which bloated my stomach. Googled that, and found it said that re-heated starches are difficult to digest, so for some people it bloats your intestines out. Nothing worse than sitting at one’s desk with their stomach beating against the beltline. Oh glorious middle age.

Today’s workout was better than ever, numbers-wise. I ran further and faster than ever before (on this regime). However, interval 3 was the scariest. I just had no breath and no oxygen at the end. I felt about a hair’s breadth away from collapsing and dying of asthma. But I knew I was just at the edge, and was slowly getting enough air back to recover. Which I did, and went on for some pretty good interval runs. The last four intervals, however, were nice and slow, on purpose. I knew I had to settle down.

I finished at the far side of my loop, so it was a long walk back. I used that time to see if I could jog/run without getting out of breath, and I could, and did. A nice easy trot.

I live on a dirt road, and across the street from me is a bull pasture and an agricultural field. I sometimes wonder if the silicates from the road, and the dust and chemicals from the field are damaging my lungs. I have read yea and nay on both, but don’t really want to go down that road, because if you want to find out if something is bad for you or killing you, there is always someone out there with incontrovertible proof that it is.

Well, Wednesday is my martial arts class, so no running intervals that evening. Perhaps the rest will do me some good. I know I am improving, now my only enemy is myself – I need to have patience.

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Let’s find the cure for cancer

Purchase this ribbon. The proceeds go to manufacturing, distribution, advertising, and 501(c)(3) salaries.

How many years, and how many billions of dollars, have we given to cancer research? Since I was a child, the cure was always just around the corner, they just needed more money. And what has happened in the past 30 years? Cancer rates have sky-rocketed. According to the latest estimates, almost 50% of us will get cancer in our lifetime[1]. One in two. This is what billions of dollars of medical research gets us?

Let’s use common sense, which the intelligentsia want us to believe we cannot trust: we are getting more cancer, more often. So where is the money going? What is it doing? It is funding research. O.K. Then what? Then, we need more money for more research.

The problem is, folks, that the medical establishment is too cowardly to tell the truth about cancer. Oncologists as individuals know what the problem is, but they cannot say it. Not openly. Not officially. The problem is environmental toxins, shit food from the grocery store, and an unhealthy corporate lifestyle.

Environmental toxins come from farming chemicals, plastics, household cleaning chemicals, fragrances in detergents and everything else under the sun, and industrial waste, including pharmaceuticals being flushed down the toilet.

Shit food comes from the grocery store. I am having a very difficult time shopping for groceries anymore, because basically, we are being poisoned. Pick up a can of soup and read the ingredients: 120% of your daily allowance of sodium. Supposedly there are 2 servings in a can of soup. Who eats half a can of soup? Nobody. We are being poisoned by the food manufacturers, and then when we get sick because of it, we are blamed for eating unhealthy. Tell me, where can I get a healthy lunch for under $5 on my lunch break? When I was in Japan 20 years ago, I could walk into the 7-11 and get a healthier snack than I could find within a 10-mile radius of my hometown. It’s disgusting, and it’s a crime.

The corporate lifestyle is one of sitting in front of a computer screen, not getting enough sleep, having little to no natural lighting, and eating crap food. People do not have time anymore to cook. And unless one is lucky enough to find a spouse who has not been brainwashed into thinking that cooking a healthy meal for one’s family is some kind of Marxist gender oppression, there really is very little choice but to eat crap food. Factor in commute times and working 50-hour weeks, when does a person have time to make a healthy meal, and eat it? When does a person have time to get fresh air, a good night’s sleep, and exercise? They don’t. So they sacrifice one for the other: Eat well, or sleep well, or exercise well. Try to do all three, and you will not make it to work on time, or be fired for not being a “team player.”

Where is the physician who will say these things (without promoting a book)? Where are the medical organizations who will advocate to change these things? No where. Because the entire medical establishment is just that – an establishment. It is plugged in to the reigning corporate system, and it will not go against it. Indeed, it is working for it. And Obamacare, whatever the hell that is, would be the ultimate expression of corporate-controlled medicine. Does anyone really believe that a government institution will advocate for a complete restructuring of the corporate food and labor system in order to help people become healthier? No, they will force us, as biological organisms, to adapt to their system, which is built and designed for computational organisms, and this is already happening.

This is the cross-road we are coming to, and very few see it or know what it is: we are being made to adapt to an inherently inhuman system, which is killing us, instead of making the system adapt to us.

The result? Sickness, disease, mental illness, and cancer.

So send your check today. Because cancer rates are only going to rise.

[1] “Based on rates from 2006-2008, 41.21% of men and women born today will be diagnosed with cancer of all sites at some time during their lifetime.”, April 1st, 2012.

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Day 3.

Saturday. I did not workout last night because I was too tired. It just did not feel right. And I knew today was going to be sunny and warm, so I wanted to run in the sun.

I did the routine – 1 min. run, 2 min rest, ten times – and it went very well. I am improving in both distance covered, and lung capacity. So I think that this week was a great success: I have a new workout regimen, I am not injured or overtrained, and I am seeing improvements already.


Weight: 238 lbs.
Waist: 45 1/2 inches.

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Day 2.

Wednesday. No workout yesterday – way too tired. I did manage to get a solid 8-hour sleep in my tent last night, however. That was nice.

Today’s workout was the same thing as Monday’s. I covered more distance, and my breathing was still hard, but I am looser and stronger. I am lucky in that my body adjusts quickly to exercise, but it can be a painful process. Besides getting cleaned out ex-lax style the next day, the night of my first workout (Monday) was spent in fatigue, insomnia and nightmares.

The “stuff” released into my bloodstream from a sudden, heavy workout, whether it is lactic acid or I don’t know what, strongly affects my moods and my dreams. And on top of that, it was a very windy night. I heard all kinds of things in the forest, from people’s voices, to groups of animals walking by, owls conversing. I dreamt a creature leaned against my tent and was smothering me. Like the original “nightmare” of yore, that sits on one’s chest, I felt the pressure against mine. I woke up screaming, in a muffled having-a-bad-dream way, but of course no one heard me except the forest, and whatever was in it that night! When I came home from work that evening, the same side of my tent (that it happened on in my dream) was collapsed. I don’t know how or why – there were no marks on it, and the poles were not broken or disconnected.

My lungs are behaving oddly during my runs – I can breathe in as much air as I want, but when I exhale, they completely constrict. I just cannot exhale without exerting terrific force. It’s very disturbing. I have been through this before, and after a few weeks to a month, it slowly goes away. But I never had this my entire life until just a few years ago. I ran all through my youth and young adulthood.

So, two workouts in a row went successful. And it almost didn’t happen today, because thunder and heavy storms were just down the road, heading right towards us. But luckily, they missed us. So far. More are coming…

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Another beginning. Now that daylight is longer, and the air is warmer, I can run after work. Running has always been my ticket to getting in shape.

I tried to use the local Recreation Center near where I work to get in shape, but their shower facilities were one step above a bucket of water. I think it actually made me sick one week. So that is out. There are no local gyms in the area with shower facilities and free weights. Go figure. What happened to the YMCA? If we are such a fat and out-of-shape nation, where are all of the facilities open to the public where we can exercise, and then shower to get back to work? There are none. It’s a damn disgrace!

So I am back to the open fields, meeting this year’s new herd of bulls on my running path, hoping that one of them does not have a problem with a loudly heaving, stumbling, pale mass suddenly appearing from around the corner. I have a new tent for this year as well (it was sad to see the old one go – it sheltered me at Crater Lake, OR), and am sleeping outside for the fresh air. And the freezing nights. Getting up to pee at 3am in the middle of the woods when it is 51 degrees outside and 90% humidity is not fun, especially when you hear a lone coyote calling for it’s non-responsive pack. The tent is bigger, which means it takes longer to warm up, but I will enjoy the space this summer.

So, what’s the plan? Well, I took it on recommendation, from more than one source close to me (Hi Nancy!), that I need to start slow, real slow. Senior citizen slow. Traumatic-injury-rehab slow. It’s hard to throw punches like Rocky, and feel it, when you are running so slow you can trip over a cricket. But hey, whose watching? Just a bunch of bulls!

Here’s my stats:

Height: 6’7″
Weight: 243
Waist: 47″
VO2 max: .0000001 ml/kg/min (that’s an estimate)

Awesome. We have a lot to work with!

This summer has a 5k I wish to run, and a martial arts tournament I wish to participate in. My first one! So on top of all this, I have to stretch my legs in order to kick high. That sucks, because I hate stretching. The good news is I have lost little to no flexibility from the gains I made last year! The bad news is I am not even half-way there.

My routine today was:

Do a pull up. Or try to.

Run 60 sec., walk 120 sec; repeat x 10.
Stretch legs.

The run was in the evening after work, and by the 8th interval it was pretty hard. I actually lost count, and only realized it when I checked the time (I had finished 3 minutes early).

That will be my M-W-F routine. Tomorrow, for the T-R-Sa routine, will be punching bag drills using a boxing timer for intervals again, and good ‘ol push-ups and sit-ups.

yay. pain.

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Week #1, Part II


Jog a 1/4 mile
10 push-ups
10 leg-lifts
Max pull-ups

Leg Stretch: Using railing on porch deck
Hamstrings, 1 set of 3 x 20 sec. hold
Side stretch, 1 set of 3 x 20 sec. hold.

5 Yoga asanas (TBD)

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