Training Overview

The goals of this training session are to lose weight, gain flexibility in the legs, and increase stamina. Losing weight will come from disciplining my eating (and drinking!), and burning calories through exercising everyday. Flexibility will come from stretching. Stamina will come from running, and, eventually, workouts on the heavy bag.

For weight loss, my goal is to lose 60 pounds. That would put me at 165, which I believe is my ideal weight. I’ll find out when I get there. I don’t pay attention to any height/weight charts.

For flexibility in the legs, my goals are to do the splits, and to “kick like vanDamme,” meaning, to be able to slowly and deliberately kick over my head.

For stamina, I want to run a mile in 6 minutes, and 5 miles in 42 minutes.

The timeline of this training session is 20 weeks, which puts me at Valentine’s Day 2011 for my finish. This was based on the weight loss calculations of losing 3 pounds per week. I think that is a healthy weight loss rate.

Time of day for workouts is morning and evening. I prefer afternoons, but that can be difficult when working full time.

Injury and illness are to be avoided by getting plenty of rest and listening to my body. No exercises or routines are set in stone – anything and everything is subject to modification, given what my body tells me.

Diet is also integral. For now, I like to keep my diet simple. Not only does it save money, but it brings clarity to what I am eating. Stay away from restaurants!

My training regimes are usually broken down into “phases,” for lack of a better word. Phase I is my body getting used to exercise and a new schedule. Phase II is adjusting my workout to fit my weaknesses and strengths. Phase III, and beyond, is just progressing towards my goals.

Each training session is structured as so:
Stretch Routine
Stretch Routine

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