Week #1 Review

Excellent first week! No injuries. I was able to complete all routines. Saturday was my “distance day,” my workout was just running 6 miles.

Weight: 219.7
Weight loss for this week: 5.3 pounds.

Injuries: None. Sore legs and shins, but goes away after a day.

Stretching: Going well.

Forms: Going well.

Calisthenics: Push-ups had to be reduced. And for pull-ups I am just doing three sets of maxing out until I can do more than three pull-ups in a row!

Running: Going well. Slow pace, but I am running for endurance right now, not speed. When I can run an hour straight for a few consecutive weeks, then I can begin to work on speed. My Saturday run was 57 minutes, so next week I can tack on a little more distance.

Next week: More of the same.

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