Week #2 Review

Weight: 217.0
Total weight loss: 8.0 pounds.

As you can see, the weight loss has tapered off – from around 5 pounds per week to around 3. That is to be expected. However, I know that I have been taking liberties with my diet – eating candy bars, and larger portions at meals. So, that needs to be reigned in.

The second week was a little bit harder than the first. Still no injuries or illnesses, but I came close. My shins really took a pounding during the middle of the week.

Stretching: Going well.
I have one leg longer than the other, and this was really never a problem in my life, as I ran track and cross-country all through High School. In the military, however, I began to have arch problems, and that is where it was found that one leg is in fact ever-so-slightly longer than the other. I am seeing this now in my stretches – my right hamstring is much tighter than my left. There is a definite difference.
Otherwise, stretches are improving slowly but surely.

Forms: Going well.
My balance and coordination is improving. It may be time to begin some Chi work soon.

Calisthenics: All are getting easier.
I am up to 4 pull-ups now! Hoorah!

Running: Going well.
The Saturday distance run – my 6 miles for the evening run – went well at 58 minutes, and I even completed the forms and calisthenics afterward. So I know my running is definitely getting stronger, because last week after the run I was spent.
Had a family luncheon Monday afternoon, and it was rich, Midwestern fare – meats, cheeses, and plenty o’salt. Good, but not what I am used to right now. My run that evening was incredibly hard. All that rich, heavy food in my stomach really made a difference. Plus, I began to “warm-up” for my warm-up run.
Usually I use the run itself as a warm-up: I just start very slowly, almost shuffling, and as my legs warm up and loosen up, I increase my stride and speed up. Well, I began to do a little 1/8 mile run to loosen up, and I think this has affected the run, because I would start stronger and faster, so the entire run I was going at a faster pace, a stronger stride. I could really feel the difference. It hurt!
I have not made up my mind yet which is better for me right now – to just take off slowly, and let my body warm up on the run itself, or to warm up before the run, and use the run as an actual run.

For next week, Week #3 – the beginning of “Phase II” – I am going to change the following:
Side-kick – make it a daily occurrence. Since this is mostly a balance exercise at this point, I can do it daily.
Push-ups – increase reps from 10 to 12.
Leg-lifts – increase reps from 20 to 25.
Wrist exercise – increase reps from 15 to 30.
Sil Lim Tao – increase reps from 2 to 3.
Ba Duan Jin – begin “advanced” methods.

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