Week #4 Review

Weight: 217.0
Weight loss this week: 1.7 pounds
Total weight loss: 8.0 pounds.

I took a break from Wednesday evening until today – no workouts. I just needed a break, I suppose. The schedule was getting out of hand, and I was losing sleep. I also wanted to see how I would feel after taking some days off…

My plantar fascitis went away immediately. My lower back is a little tight, but that might be from sitting in front of the computer all day. My legs feel very strong. Funny, but even when I am tired throughout the day, I know I can easily go out and run 3 or 4 miles without effort.

Stretching: My inner thigh stretch is not improving. I am going to construct something to hold onto, so that I can pull myself forward as I stretch.

Forms: Going well.

Calisthenics: Going well.

Running: Going well.

Just the inner thigh stretch – add a bar or something to pull myself forward to make the stretch more strenuous. And I might add a lower back stretch to balance out the asanas.

One month down, 112 days to go. My weight loss is 8 lbs/month, which is a little lower than my 3 lbs./week goal. That’s O.K., I’m not worried about it.

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