Week #5 Review

Weight: 219.7
Weight gain this week: 2.7 pounds
Total weight loss: 5.3 pounds.

No workouts this past week. I have just been distracted with other, more pressing things.

This is not really an excuse, as there has been no real reason for me to not keep up the routine – I have not been constrained by time or energy.

Well, overall my health is good. No injuries, no aches or pains, no tightness or soreness.
It will be interesting to see how I do tomorrow, resuming my normal routine after taking 10 days off.

Now that the weather is turning cold, I will have to adjust to running and stretching in the cold, and in the dark as well, befitting a work schedule. I don’t mind it so much, it just takes some getting used to after summer. The transition period between extreme hot and extreme cold is what bothers me – I don’t like sweating, and then having a cold wind against my body. But, such is life in the Stone-Age Gym.

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