Week #6 Review

Weight: 217.0
Weight loss this week: 2.7 pounds
Total weight loss: 8.0 pounds.

Great news! I added another board to my hamstring stretch, so now I am stretching at a height of 55″, an improvement of 4 inches. Here is the third board:

And here is the entire thing – I stand on the stones, do a front kick to the post, and rest my heel on the board for a count of 20, while keeping both legs straight, knees locked.

This week was a very easy week. I only did the morning routine, and that was only Monday thru Wednesday. I took Thursday thru Saturday off. I actually was ill Saturday, caught a bug from China. All better now.

I think taking the past two weeks off has actually helped my muscles become more flexible. I did not plan on it, but it seems that all of my exercises are stronger now, thanks to the break. So was I overtraining? Perhaps. But I enjoyed it. I needed a good dose of hardcore pain and sweat and tears to kick-start my fall workout season.

I have to take tomorrow morning off for a routine medical appt., but shall resume the full monty tomorrow nite!

As for weight loss, I have plateaued at the ridiculous level of 52 pounds overweight. Obviously, I am eating too many calories. I suppose it is my habit of eating most of my calories in the evening, as I am not drinking or eating junk food anymore. We’ll have to work on that.

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