Mid-point Review

Nine weeks down, and eleven to go. Let’s do the numbers.

Beginning weight: 225.0
(Projected) End weight: 165.0
Current weight: 224.7
(Projected) Current weight: 198.0
Difference between current goal weight and current real weight: 26.7 pounds.

Seems I’m a little off. What happened?

Scheduling, that’s what happened. My workouts became too time-consuming, averaging over an hour for the morning and two hours for the evening session. On top of this, my sleep suffered, because my work schedule was erratic, so I began to do my morning workouts, sometimes, in the early afternoon. The schedule was entirely chaotic. Then, when I had a commitment in the early morning, I had no sleep, so that affected my workouts and my recovery.

Sleep discipline is what did me in. This is not a surprise, as insomnia has plagued me for most of my adult life.

Sleep discipline. There is always something that holds us back from achieving our goals, and rarely does it have anything to do with the goal itself (as an example, an injury or physical deformity for an athletic goal). My main enemy right now is sleep. Sleep controls me, I do not control it. I am at the mercy of when my body tells me it is tired. In a modern, industrialized setting, I cannot let my body be my guide for my rest, I have to control my body. But it is the modern, industrialized setting itself that is causing this problem: artificial lighting, television and internet browsing, over-eating, caffeine, sugar, and other chemical ingestion which messes with my body’s natural rhythms.

I always thought that it would be great to have a switch on my neck so that I could sleep at will. I think I will now begin to build that switch.


Well, start with the simple things: what I just listed. Stop eating at night. Stop watching TV and internet surfing at night. Stop ingesting caffeine, sugar, and all that other crap which has never been in the human diet in all of history until now. Start to meditate and reign in my emotions. I am building a sleep switch for the rest of this workout regime. And once that switch is built and in place, it will allow me to pursue and accomplish other goals in my life as well.


Now, the following week I am on a new work schedule. It is a long, 9 hour day with a commute. So, I have to begin my workouts very early in the morning, and finish when it is dark in the evening (as it is winter). To avoid injury and sickness, I must ease gently back in to my regime. One thing I am looking forward to, however, is the diet discipline that my new schedule will bring. If I can control my breakfast and lunch, then dinner will be the only wildcard on the table. That will be 2/3 of my diet taken care of.

Breakfast will be a bowl of oatmeal, and a piece of fruit (orange, plum, etc.) I will still drink coffee, but will begin measuring and weaning myself from my caffeine addiction. Once my coffee intake reaches a certain point, I will switch to green tea for the benefits of that leaf.

Lunch will be brown-bag, so I can pack a nice couscous salad or bean salad or some other such healthy fare. No biggy. Once I bring it to work, I am stuck with it. So that is good.

Alright. Here we go. Just to remind myself, the focus is on weight-loss, flexibility, and stamina.

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