Week #10 Review

Weight: 225.0
Weight loss this week: -0.3 pounds
Total weight loss: 0.0 pounds.

Halfway through, and I have arrived at my starting point! The journey of self-awareness always returns to the center. Ha. The center of a donut.

I just completed my first week of my new job, on my new schedule, so that took some adjustment. No workouts this week, but my breakfasts and lunches were very healthy and disciplined. Dinner was somewhat O.K., but I did have some chips and dip and other junk here and there.

The good news is that I have plateaued at the weight of 225, because for the past two years I was at 235. So, at least I have dropped 10 pounds permanently. And, of course, my stamina and flexibility have improved immensely.

This coming week my plan is to incorporate some light exercises in the morning. I can’t exercise in the evening just yet, because that always keeps me up all night when my adrenaline kicks in during the evening. The morning workouts will have to be light, because it is still dark out and coyotes are all over the place, and so are hunters. So I will just have to stay in my yard and do some calisthenics and stretches – no running.

The diet will again be a disciplined breakfast and disciplined lunch, and a healthy dinner.

Work comes first right now, and since I am in training at work, I have to be sharp and focused everyday, else I would try to get back into vigorous exercise this week.

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