Another beginning. Now that daylight is longer, and the air is warmer, I can run after work. Running has always been my ticket to getting in shape.

I tried to use the local Recreation Center near where I work to get in shape, but their shower facilities were one step above a bucket of water. I think it actually made me sick one week. So that is out. There are no local gyms in the area with shower facilities and free weights. Go figure. What happened to the YMCA? If we are such a fat and out-of-shape nation, where are all of the facilities open to the public where we can exercise, and then shower to get back to work? There are none. It’s a damn disgrace!

So I am back to the open fields, meeting this year’s new herd of bulls on my running path, hoping that one of them does not have a problem with a loudly heaving, stumbling, pale mass suddenly appearing from around the corner. I have a new tent for this year as well (it was sad to see the old one go – it sheltered me at Crater Lake, OR), and am sleeping outside for the fresh air. And the freezing nights. Getting up to pee at 3am in the middle of the woods when it is 51 degrees outside and 90% humidity is not fun, especially when you hear a lone coyote calling for it’s non-responsive pack. The tent is bigger, which means it takes longer to warm up, but I will enjoy the space this summer.

So, what’s the plan? Well, I took it on recommendation, from more than one source close to me (Hi Nancy!), that I need to start slow, real slow. Senior citizen slow. Traumatic-injury-rehab slow. It’s hard to throw punches like Rocky, and feel it, when you are running so slow you can trip over a cricket. But hey, whose watching? Just a bunch of bulls!

Here’s my stats:

Height: 6’7″
Weight: 243
Waist: 47″
VO2 max: .0000001 ml/kg/min (that’s an estimate)

Awesome. We have a lot to work with!

This summer has a 5k I wish to run, and a martial arts tournament I wish to participate in. My first one! So on top of all this, I have to stretch my legs in order to kick high. That sucks, because I hate stretching. The good news is I have lost little to no flexibility from the gains I made last year! The bad news is I am not even half-way there.

My routine today was:

Do a pull up. Or try to.

Run 60 sec., walk 120 sec; repeat x 10.
Stretch legs.

The run was in the evening after work, and by the 8th interval it was pretty hard. I actually lost count, and only realized it when I checked the time (I had finished 3 minutes early).

That will be my M-W-F routine. Tomorrow, for the T-R-Sa routine, will be punching bag drills using a boxing timer for intervals again, and good ‘ol push-ups and sit-ups.

yay. pain.

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