Day 2.

Wednesday. No workout yesterday – way too tired. I did manage to get a solid 8-hour sleep in my tent last night, however. That was nice.

Today’s workout was the same thing as Monday’s. I covered more distance, and my breathing was still hard, but I am looser and stronger. I am lucky in that my body adjusts quickly to exercise, but it can be a painful process. Besides getting cleaned out ex-lax style the next day, the night of my first workout (Monday) was spent in fatigue, insomnia and nightmares.

The “stuff” released into my bloodstream from a sudden, heavy workout, whether it is lactic acid or I don’t know what, strongly affects my moods and my dreams. And on top of that, it was a very windy night. I heard all kinds of things in the forest, from people’s voices, to groups of animals walking by, owls conversing. I dreamt a creature leaned against my tent and was smothering me. Like the original “nightmare” of yore, that sits on one’s chest, I felt the pressure against mine. I woke up screaming, in a muffled having-a-bad-dream way, but of course no one heard me except the forest, and whatever was in it that night! When I came home from work that evening, the same side of my tent (that it happened on in my dream) was collapsed. I don’t know how or why – there were no marks on it, and the poles were not broken or disconnected.

My lungs are behaving oddly during my runs – I can breathe in as much air as I want, but when I exhale, they completely constrict. I just cannot exhale without exerting terrific force. It’s very disturbing. I have been through this before, and after a few weeks to a month, it slowly goes away. But I never had this my entire life until just a few years ago. I ran all through my youth and young adulthood.

So, two workouts in a row went successful. And it almost didn’t happen today, because thunder and heavy storms were just down the road, heading right towards us. But luckily, they missed us. So far. More are coming…

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