Let’s find the cure for cancer

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How many years, and how many billions of dollars, have we given to cancer research? Since I was a child, the cure was always just around the corner, they just needed more money. And what has happened in the past 30 years? Cancer rates have sky-rocketed. According to the latest estimates, almost 50% of us will get cancer in our lifetime[1]. One in two. This is what billions of dollars of medical research gets us?

Let’s use common sense, which the intelligentsia want us to believe we cannot trust: we are getting more cancer, more often. So where is the money going? What is it doing? It is funding research. O.K. Then what? Then, we need more money for more research.

The problem is, folks, that the medical establishment is too cowardly to tell the truth about cancer. Oncologists as individuals know what the problem is, but they cannot say it. Not openly. Not officially. The problem is environmental toxins, shit food from the grocery store, and an unhealthy corporate lifestyle.

Environmental toxins come from farming chemicals, plastics, household cleaning chemicals, fragrances in detergents and everything else under the sun, and industrial waste, including pharmaceuticals being flushed down the toilet.

Shit food comes from the grocery store. I am having a very difficult time shopping for groceries anymore, because basically, we are being poisoned. Pick up a can of soup and read the ingredients: 120% of your daily allowance of sodium. Supposedly there are 2 servings in a can of soup. Who eats half a can of soup? Nobody. We are being poisoned by the food manufacturers, and then when we get sick because of it, we are blamed for eating unhealthy. Tell me, where can I get a healthy lunch for under $5 on my lunch break? When I was in Japan 20 years ago, I could walk into the 7-11 and get a healthier snack than I could find within a 10-mile radius of my hometown. It’s disgusting, and it’s a crime.

The corporate lifestyle is one of sitting in front of a computer screen, not getting enough sleep, having little to no natural lighting, and eating crap food. People do not have time anymore to cook. And unless one is lucky enough to find a spouse who has not been brainwashed into thinking that cooking a healthy meal for one’s family is some kind of Marxist gender oppression, there really is very little choice but to eat crap food. Factor in commute times and working 50-hour weeks, when does a person have time to make a healthy meal, and eat it? When does a person have time to get fresh air, a good night’s sleep, and exercise? They don’t. So they sacrifice one for the other: Eat well, or sleep well, or exercise well. Try to do all three, and you will not make it to work on time, or be fired for not being a “team player.”

Where is the physician who will say these things (without promoting a book)? Where are the medical organizations who will advocate to change these things? No where. Because the entire medical establishment is just that – an establishment. It is plugged in to the reigning corporate system, and it will not go against it. Indeed, it is working for it. And Obamacare, whatever the hell that is, would be the ultimate expression of corporate-controlled medicine. Does anyone really believe that a government institution will advocate for a complete restructuring of the corporate food and labor system in order to help people become healthier? No, they will force us, as biological organisms, to adapt to their system, which is built and designed for computational organisms, and this is already happening.

This is the cross-road we are coming to, and very few see it or know what it is: we are being made to adapt to an inherently inhuman system, which is killing us, instead of making the system adapt to us.

The result? Sickness, disease, mental illness, and cancer.

So send your check today. Because cancer rates are only going to rise.

[1] “Based on rates from 2006-2008, 41.21% of men and women born today will be diagnosed with cancer of all sites at some time during their lifetime.”http://seer.cancer.gov/statfacts/html/all.html#risk, April 1st, 2012.

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