Day 4.

Monday. Tired, had rice for lunch which bloated my stomach. Googled that, and found it said that re-heated starches are difficult to digest, so for some people it bloats your intestines out. Nothing worse than sitting at one’s desk with their stomach beating against the beltline. Oh glorious middle age.

Today’s workout was better than ever, numbers-wise. I ran further and faster than ever before (on this regime). However, interval 3 was the scariest. I just had no breath and no oxygen at the end. I felt about a hair’s breadth away from collapsing and dying of asthma. But I knew I was just at the edge, and was slowly getting enough air back to recover. Which I did, and went on for some pretty good interval runs. The last four intervals, however, were nice and slow, on purpose. I knew I had to settle down.

I finished at the far side of my loop, so it was a long walk back. I used that time to see if I could jog/run without getting out of breath, and I could, and did. A nice easy trot.

I live on a dirt road, and across the street from me is a bull pasture and an agricultural field. I sometimes wonder if the silicates from the road, and the dust and chemicals from the field are damaging my lungs. I have read yea and nay on both, but don’t really want to go down that road, because if you want to find out if something is bad for you or killing you, there is always someone out there with incontrovertible proof that it is.

Well, Wednesday is my martial arts class, so no running intervals that evening. Perhaps the rest will do me some good. I know I am improving, now my only enemy is myself – I need to have patience.

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