Another year, another donut.

Are you still here? Am I? I guess so. Well, let’s see, it’s a Sunday afternoon, I just weighed myself at 240.7 lbs. and I am recovering from a 48-hr cold. Waist is 47”.

I have another job now, this one is an hour commute each way, and it is a bit more exercise throughout the day as my previous job, as there are meetings scattered amongst three floors.  There is also a nice walking trail nearby, weather permitting.

I have free membership to a gym near work, but with those commute times I just do not see how it would be worth it, given the current shape I am in. I could rather just go into my backyard and get a great workout doing normal calisthenics. Eventually I would like to do a weight-lifting regime, but at this time I just need to lose weight and get some cardio health.

I still have the breathing problem when I work out – inhaling is fine, exhaling my tubes constrict. I have no idea what that is or why, and apparently neither does the medical establishment. They will just give me pills with loathsome side effects, and I don’t need that.

I dusted off those Lung Exercise videos I downloaded a few years ago, and will begin using those again. I am also going to start a twice-a-day workout regime, and see how long I can maintain that discipline.

My diet has improved greatly as of late: I am now making oatmeal cakes for mid-morning snacks at work, and I have cut the size of my lunches in half, because I got tired of the seeming “insulin shock” afterwards and almost passing out when I ate a big lunch at work.

For dinners I am starting to incorporate more “normalcy,” I guess you could say. Instead of a big bowl of one thing (noodles/potatoes/rice mixed with veggies and a sauce), I am making “side-dishes,” such as spinach or sauerkraut or steamed vegetables. I am also eating more fish and poultry. It is really weird, but my eating habits are so out of whack from when I was growing up. Dinners used to be four or five dishes – a meat or fish, one or two vegetables, bread and butter, and maybe a salad as well – now I just make one dish, throw it all together in a big bowl, and use cheese or a sauce for flavor.

I have not been to my martial arts class in over a year, as travel and money have made it difficult. I also am at a stand-still in my progress, because of my stamina and flexibility – all the things I have written about/worked on in this blog. Where is my progress? There is none. This blog is a study in failure.

What are my goals now? Lose three pounds a week. I would like to get to a good foundation of health, like I had to do for Marine Corps boot camp. I wonder if the standards have changed in the past 24 years? Let me see…Wow, it looks like it is actually more difficult now. I remember the perfect score for sit-ups was 80 sit-ups in under 2 minutes. Now it is 100. Of course, they are called crunches now, so maybe that is why. Crunches you don’t go all the way up.

A perfect score would be the following:


Pull Ups


3-Mile Run





 So, that will be my goal. My weight loss schedule ends in May of next year, with a goal of 165 pounds, so I will have these exercise goals on the same timeline. If I could get down to that weight, and perform these exercises, then I will be able to say with confidence: “I am in shape.”

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