Greetings and welcome. Here you can watch me, and join in if you wish, as I attempt to lose weight and get in shape using only the yard and streets around me. The goal here is to become just as healthy and fit as anyone who joins an expensive health club, without spending a dime. Earth is my gym, gravity is my friend.

I believe that by just using simple exercises, one can gain a better knowledge of their body and how it works. Sure, exercise machines are neat and all scientific and such, but humans seemed to have done pretty well for themselves over the past several million years just trying to survive. Walking, running, lifting, moving, hunting, building, harvesting, etc. We used our muscles in the real world, doing meaningful things. There was no “muscle isolation” – should there even be such a thing?

Since we all have “jobs” now, and don’t build our own homes, or make our own clothes, or grow our own foods, we feel the need to hop on an exercise bike, or sit in a contraption to exercise our traps. That’s all well and good, I suppose. But right now I am blessed with living in the country, so I want to take advantage of it while I can.

The picture you see on top of each page of this blog is that of one of the many trails that lead to my backyard gym.


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